Fresh Chicken and Cooked Chicken Meat

Under Laemthong Corporation Group’s agribusiness is the poultry-farming sector, where fresh chicken parts and processed chicken meat are the end products. We cover all aspects of our production entailing the breeding stock, parent stock, hatchery, broilers, slaughterhouse, feed mill, and food processing plant.

The wholly self-managed food production process coupled with internationally recognized food safety management system operation standard results with consistent batches of fresh quality chicken meat and pre-cooked frozen chicken.

As a food manufacturer, we are committed to producing high quality, nutritious, and hygienic fresh chicken meat and frozen pre-cooked chicken that are safe to consume and meet the needs of our consumers.

We have strict quality control for every phase of our manufacturing process. Our abattoir is certified with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), which comprises of quality standard for the premises, equipment, production environment, personal hygiene of staff, and modernity. In order to stay abreast of the qualifications, management program had been established to overlook the consistency of quality standards.

In dedication to our consumers’ health and safety, both fresh chicken meat and frozen pre-cooked chicken are treated with utmost hygiene in the food manufacturing factory and processing plant. They are transported using a lifted conveyer belt and only reach ground level after having been packaged in a 4°C temperature-controlled packing room to prevent germs.

With technical experts examining each step of the production, our fresh chicken meat and frozen pre-cooked chicken have received the “Q-Mark” label for surpassing the quality and safety standard as well as a HALAL certification. We are devoted to keeping our consumers’ trust in Laemthong’s quality fresh chicken meat and frozen pre-cooked chicken.