Country Fresh

Country Fresh milk is made of 100% fresh cow milk. We support Thai dairy farmers cooperatives by manufacturing their raw milk into our ready-to-drink Country Fresh milk. We take every step of production seriously, all the way from examining the quality of raw milk before feeding into the production process. This results in newly made fresh milk that is safe and tasty – the high-quality milk that Country Fresh milk is.

Each and every Country Fresh milk product is rich with nutritious value – high calcium, Vitamin B2, and protein – to give you and your family strong health. Country Fresh milk has a variety of flavors to choose from, be it plain, sweetened, and chocolate. Our consumers can also enjoy our delicious UHT yogurt drink in orange, mixed fruits, and strawberry flavors.

As one of the nation’s most reliable pasteurized and UHT milk producers, Country Fresh Dairies Co., Ltd. is also a part of the Government’s Milk for School Project, supplying local schools with Country Fresh Dairies’ 100% fresh cow milk since 1999 until today. This, in turn, supports the national dairy industry, since we purchase raw milk of high-quality sourced from local dairy farmers. Furthermore, the Food and Drug Administration recognizes our production quality standard.