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In Thailand, where agriculture sector is the backbone of the country, and service relating to this are considered the utmost ingredients to the whole economy, LAEMTHONG CORPORATION GROUP has been dedicated to development and promotion of enhanced quality work throughout the period of more than six decades. At present, success and the upkeep of quality has been achieved through the use of sophisticated technology and fully turnkey services. Laemthong Corporation Group’s capability of specialized production is conducive to the dedication which the Group has underlined in tune to the relationship between the ever-changing movement of the global economic progress and the Thai society.


Laemthong Corporation Group registered to export agricultural products in 1950. Since then, the Group has been expanding rapidly with the intense dedication and desire to develop Thai agriculture sector. With this vision in mind, the Group opened the jute bag production company in 1963 to reduce the imports from abroad and also for the purpose of direct exports. This endeavor has been the forerunner of the Group’s future to help develop agricultural technology to enhance Thai agro-industry sector and upgrade skill of Thai labour force.

From the very beginning, after its venture in jute industry, Laemthong Corporation Group has been expanding its activities which include the investments in related industrial processes and the opening of several affiliated business groups. In order to maintain the stability of the Group and to further develop quality-products and new services and responding to the needs and satisfaction of the Group’s trading partners -- and the consumers in particular -- three principal business groups are the key provision. THE LIVESYTOCK AND ANIMAL FEED BUSINESS GROUP, THE FOOD PRODUCTS BUSINESS GROUP, AND THE PACKAGING BUSINESS GROUP.


One of Laemthong Corporation Group’s major enterprises -- LIVESTOCK AND ANIMAL FEED was the pioneering entity, which ever since its inception, has played a role in the development of the Thai livestock industry. This core enterprise started off as the Laemthong Corporation Co., Ltd. in 1972 when it first began production of animal feed with an annual capacity of 200,000 ton. At present, this has significantly grown.


Laemthong Corporation Group’s livestock activities comprise of poultry farms and swine farms. Our poultry industry includes the layers and the broilers. The breeders produce the highest quality chicks. At Laemthong Corporation Group’s poultry farm, our emphasis are placed on the consistent quality control combined with the breeding grandparent and parent stock which are highly productive and efficient with high livability and growth rate. With the latest technology coupled with sophisticated equipment utilized in the farms for fully automotive systems, Laemthong Corporation Group’s poultry farms are considered one of the leading farms of its class in Asia.

The swine raised in Laemthong’s farms are the offspring of the outstanding purebred nucleus stock imported from abroad which are capable of consistent high yield. In fact more than 10,000 sows from quality line yielded good carcass and top-grade meat. After years of experiments and enhancement of specific swine breeds, at present, the Group is able to develop a line of super sow which has one of the highest rate of top piglet yields.


The animal feed production sector of the Laemthong Corporation Group has been improved throughout the years based on research and development conducive to proper technical practices, consistency and earnesty. Our produce includes all kinds of feed for poultry, swine, cattle and fish.

The selection of the best quality feeds are achieved through the expertise and in conjunction with highly professional technical experts of the Group together with close cooperation of independent farmers dealing in livestock. The cohesive rapport between the Group’s people and the farmers have raised confidence of the latter group and enabled them to work for a profitable enterprise in the production of quality and chemical-free-meat supplies.


Laemthong Corporation Group’s food products business fall into four enterprising categories namely, wheat flour, meat processing, dairy products and fresh eggs.

With more than 50 years of operation in the wheat flour business, Laemthong Corporation Group utilizes a mill equipped with the most modern machinery. Only the best-quality wheat of which the raw materials are imported from the United States of America, Canada and Australia are used. The ever-rising demand for only the best standard wheat flour, the Group has developed wheat flour of varied qualifications and top-class quality in response to the most discerning customer demand for all levels of usages including flour for bread baking of all kinds, for Chinese noodle, cake baking, Chinese steamed buns, cookies, biscuits, Chinese donuts, the Indian roti and inclusively of different kinds of ready-made flour.

Laemthong Corporation Group’s two meat processing plants produce processed chicken meat and frozen chicken of excellent quality suitable for the sophisticated consumers both for the local market and abroad.

Laemthong Corporation Group is the leading enterprise in Thailand in the production of high-protein sausages and the first producer of nutritious sausages with whole chicken meat.

The Group also provides dairy milk from the general dairy cattle farms. The fresh nutritious dairy milk is processed into pasteurized and UHT milk products using the state-of-the-art technology at quality-controlled hygienic factories and marketed under the brand “COUNTRY FRESH”


Laemthong Corporation Group’s packaging business comprise of the most modern factory producing packaging materials which is set up on more than 400 rais of land at Soongnern Distict of Nakron Ratchasima Province with the largest production capacity in the country. The factory was founded in 1963 to produce jute bags with an aim to curtail imports into Thailand and in the meantime for export purpose. Increased production of jute bags by Leamthong Packaging Business Group greatly added commercial value to jute plants thus upgrading regional economy. Since then, the factory has grown tremendously and the Group has been satisfactorily serving the needs of their customers through its top quality products both in the local market and abroad.

The selection of the best quality feeds are achieved through the expertise and in conjunction with highly professional technical experts of the Group together with close cooperation of independent farmers dealing in livestock. The cohesive rapport between the Group’s people and the farmers have raised confidence of the latter group and enabled them to work for a profitable enterprise in the production of quality and chemical-free-meat supplies.

Laemthong Corporation Group’s jute production includes jute products obtained from natural Fila mentation and manufacture of such products as JUTE BAGS, JUTE CLOTH, JUTE YARN, JUTE TWINE AND JUTE Ropes. These are utilized in the industrial processing of jute bag, sacks, doormats, carpet backing, electric core encasing of cable ropes and many other categories of industrial enterprises.

Depending on more than 50 years of experience, Laemthong Corporation Group’s plastic production, from top-grade plastic pellets comprise PP&PE woven bags and liner bags of different forms. Materials from 10 kilograms to bags of 3,000 kilograms can be accepted for manufacturing. Response is fast to the variable applications from customers. Punctuality, meticulously production with an eye on details and quality products enable laemthong’s plastic products proven and accepted market value.


For more than six decades, Laemthong Corporation Group has set dedication to the improvement of the businesses it has been involved in and the contribution to the improvement of Thai agricultural sector on the whole. Skills and expertise through hard-working and professional people in the work force have also greatly contributed toward constructing a stronger base and progressive operation to a better stance in the agro-industry business in Thailand. Laemthong Corporation Group also firmly believes in the upkeeping and staying abreast of the latest developments not only in the Thai agro-business but also in the global agro-industry network.